Two blue shades

Collage dans l’espace public, texte et dessin, 2018

Série de deux affiches collées dans les rue de Melbourne, Australie.

Texte ci-dessous :
“Two blue shades
Had lost the body
they belong to.
They noticed their absence
on a bright morning.
The sun was laughing at them.
He was maybe the trickster.

Two blue shades
decided to meet the sun,
ask him for the missing bodies.
They walked for days,
to the east on mornings
west on afternoons.

Two blue shades
haven’t found the sun.
In a blind anger,
they came up with an idea,
to turn it off.
Which they did.

This is how disapeared,
on a dark evening,
two blue shades.“

Merci à Monica et Jack Escobar

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